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       My name is Brian Batara. I am a Southern California based filmmaker. Growing up in Philippines, storytelling was a big part of my culture. I used to listen to different stories from older family members. Their words were so descriptive, and the way they tell it makes you feel like you were there. I've used to visualize their stories when I was a child. That is why I see things differently than most people, I visualize my ideas as if I'm looking through a camera  lens, and I'm watching the scenes unfold. My perspective in life influences my style of storytelling which translates through my work.

      I believe that everyone and everything has a story waiting to be told. I rarely focus on how much tech the camera has because it's just a tool. The moments, expressions, and the story are most important. I am given only one chance to capture a moment in motion. Once it passes it is gone, and only pieces of it remain in our memories. There is magic in every moment. My camera allows me to share the magic of the moment. Let me tell your story, and share the magic of your moments in life.

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